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When you buy a DIY Home Studio Kit, you get everything you need for a beautiful 15-inch sign to hang or lean on a shelf.

Each sign is made with 1/4' Maple with an MDF core backing and 1/8" MDF pieces.

All 1/8" MDF comes with a 3M Permanent Adhesive so all you have to do is peel and stick!

Super easy craft.

Buy one or buy enough to have your own party at home. 


Rated 1-4

1 Being the Easiest and 4 Being the Hardest


1-9 3/4 Platform Sign

1- Doggy

2- Rainbow

2- Owl

2- Unicorn Stuffy

2- Soccer Ball

3- Hibiscus

3- Surfboard

4- Pineapple

KIDS- DIY Home Studio Puzzle


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